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Children’s Menu



Chicken Pieces with Chips and Tomato Sauce: $15.9

Kid’s Pasta with a Tomato sauce and Cheese on top: $15.9

Vegemite or Cheese Sandwich: $6.9

Kids Hot Chips with Tomato Sauce: $7.9


Icecream with topping and 100’s and 1000’s: $7.9

Fairy Bread: $6.9

Juices and Soft Drinks

Schweppes Sparkling Mineral Water 300ml: $4.6

Orange, Apple, Guava or Pineapple Juice: $4.8

Soft Drinks Cola, Diet Cola, Lemon Squash, Lemonade: $4.2

Milk Shakes (Chocolate, Vanilla, Caramel, Strawberry): $6.0

Iced Coffee or Iced Chocolate: $6.0

Spider made with any soft drink and a scoop of ice cream in a tall glass: $6.0


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