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Q: How many guests can I have for my function?

A: There are no minimum numbers excepting on Saturday nights January to October and Friday and Saturday nights in November and December. On these evenings the minimum number of guests in the marquee is 80 guests. The maximum number of guests the marquee seats at round tables is 240 guests at round tables and 288 guests at long tables.

Q: How does a smaller number of guests look in the marquee?

A: The maximum number of guests fills the marquee. Many functions need bridal tables, dance floor, gift tables, presentation tables, lecturns, stages, presentation areas, foyer and more. This allows you to set the marquee so it still works well and looks good with 40 plus guests. When you have a smaller number of guests we would often set tables of 8 guests rather than 10.

Q: How many guests per table?

A: Round tables seat up to 10 guests and can be less.

Q: Can I tentatively set a date aside while I make up my mind?

A: Yes. This is a good idea. You can place a free no obligation tentative booking to keep your date and time safe for you for two weeks.

Q: Can I have my wedding ceremony at Lachlan’s?

Yes. You are welcome to have your ceremony here in the grounds of Old Government House. The front portico of the house is popular as are the lawns under the Jacarandah trees at the front of the house. If the weather is unkind and you have your reception booked at Lachlan’s we will have the marquee available for you up to an hour before your reception time to provide you a good bad weather alternative.

Q: How many weddings happen at a time?

A: Just one.

Q: What will my function cost?

A: All prices are detailed on the individual packages. We endeavour to keep pricing as simple as possible and many events are simply the package price times the number of guests. There are some additional items that not everyone wants such as chair covers, ceremony, grand entrance and live music. These items will always be detailed for you to provide an all inclusive total price.

Q: Can I try the food?

A: Yes. Our food is fabulous. If you stop by to look over Lachlans you will receive a complimentary restaurant voucher which provides a complimentary main course plus a complimentary bottle of our function wine. Some restaurant dishes are the same and some similar to our function food. The same chef’s who cook for the restaurant will cook for your function.

Q: Are there special prices for children?

A: Yes. Children between the ages of 4 and 12 including children’s meal, all drinks and service are $49 per child.

Q: Cancellations?

A: In the rare case you need to cancel your event we are sorry but deposits are not refundable unless we rebook your date and time with a function of equal value to the cancellation. Your deposit will have confirmed your booking and we will then automatically turn down any enquiries for your date and time. The deposit will also help cover administration costs.

Q: Payment Details?

A: Tentative bookings are free and without obligation. A deposit (usually $1000) for a major function will confirm your booking. Normally final payment will be required a day or two before your function.

Q: Final Numbers?

A: Two weeks before your function will be good and help us fine tune the staff and details for your event.

Q: Can I bring my own caterer?

A: Being responsible for food safety, we need to control all food (except wedding cake) for functions at Lachlan’s so unfortunately you cannot bring your own caterer. We offer comprehensive packages inclusive of all catering needs. In addition, please feel free to ask for anything which will suit your traditions or culinary tastes.

Q: Parking?

A: Car parking is within an easy walking distance to Lachlan’s. Park in bays marked with a P sign or in the All Day car park opposite the house (meters operate Mon – Sat). A Restricted Parking Scheme operates to protect the park environment. Please observe parking signs. Speed limit in Parramatta Park is 30kph. If there is no sign allowing parking, parking is not allowed.

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