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The directors and senior management of Lachlan’s recognise the importance of providing all employees, visitors and contractors with a safe and healthy work environment.

Our goal is to prevent all occupational injuries and illness. The company will seek to achieve this by:

Lachlan’s will implement and maintain an ongoing occupational health and safety program, including conducting regular inspections of the workplace aimed at preventing accidents and incidents.

All managers and supervisors are responsible and accountable for the safety of employees, contractors and company property under their control. Managers and supervisors are responsible for ensuring all regulations, procedures and safe work practices are followed at all times.

All employees are expected to:

Signed: Andrew Coulson (Director and CEO)

Management Representative: ( Re-electing 1 January 2008 )

Staff Representative Kitchen: ( Re-electing 1 January 2008 )

Staff Representative Front: ( Re-electing 1 January 2008 )

Date: 1 July 2004

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